The southern song dynasty period 
song of no.1 to today , more than 600 years old 

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Bake all kinds of tea, instant enjoyment. Baked tea can enhance the tea aroma, but also can solve the tea or the return qing problem. The tea is more fragrant have a distinctive taste
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Usage: before using, will clean containers, as dry tea will be put on the vessel, in the light of the candle and fry until the smell of tea can be.

1 baked tea, baking time is about 3-7 minutes. For example, Longjing sprouts baking 3 minutes is appropriate fermentation degree of light Tieguanyin 5 minutes, Dan Cong Da Hong pao  Pu'er Tea can be baked to 7 minutes
2 some tea for storage and air temperature will appear damp and green phenomenon. This tea is a use of Titian baking the original tea aroma, taste of tea will be awakened, and no difference. If the fire control is even more clear, more fragrant

1 It is continuously baking time should not exceed 10 minutes to avoid scorched tea
2 avoid prolonged baking or cold water during baking, resulting in cracking of uneven heating vessels
3 cleaning device in Titian, after Titian cooling, avoid alternating lead to vessel rupture

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