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Chaozhou Tea Grower Oolong Tea Snow Da Wu Ye

Da Wu Ye (Big Dark Leaf Dan Cong) is one of the least known Dan Cong variety due to its very limited yearly production. Its name means "Big Dark Leaf" due to the appearance of the tea leaf, being larger and darker compared to other Dan Congs.The loose lea
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China Oolong Tea Aroma Da Wu Ye From Chaozhou Tea Grower 
Dried Leaf 

Tea liquor 

Infused Leaf


sensory evaluation
The liquor is in bright yellow color. A strong infusion will appear in clear orange. The honey orchid floral aroma lingering in mouth, refreshing, smooth and sweet.
Tea Mountian View

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Da wu ye Dancong is from the  fenghuang mountain around 600 meters above sea level 
Da Wu Ye  as it gets its name from its big, shiny dark tea leaves. Da Wu Ye is a light-roasted Dancong, and famous for its light orchid aroma. 
the pleasing light orchid aroma comes quickly to your nose and long-lasting. After 9 times of infusion, the orchid aroma still exists/lingers in the infused tea leaves & tea liquid. 
Original: fenghuang mountain around 600 meters above sea level 
Feng huang moutain  Chaozhou, Guangdong province  
Harvest time: 2019 spring 
Tea master :Song Lin------------------+----------
Picking standard: Two or three half-matured tea leaves  
Shape: Fat, lightly twisted shape tea leaves  
Aroma:  Natural and fresh unique light orchid aroma  
Taste:  Freshness, mellow, thickness, unique flower taste  
Tea soup color: Bright golden yellow

Brewing Steps:

1) Warm up- First to warm up the vessels, then to pour out the hot water;

2) Smell dried tea fragrance- Then put the teas in Gaiwan/Yixing Pot, cover the lid, and shake the Gaiwan/pot gently for about 3 seconds, then smell the dried leaves aroma.

3) Wash the tea quickly- Pour the hot water into the Gaiwan/pot and pour out the water quickly; then smell the tea aroma on the lid first to enjoy the pleasing Oolong tea aroma; 

4) First infusion- pour the hot water into the Gaiwan/pot again, and steep for about 3-5 seconds before pouring out(based on personal taste);

5) Coming infusions- the steeping time for the successive infusion can be 3-5 seconds longer than the previous infusion.

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