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2020 Spring tea Ba Xian Sha Ren aroma

The tea tree age 60 years ,it is amazing just how similar the aromas a blossoming sweetness of yellow flowers .the sweetness of yellow flowers with a hint of the coconut ,the soft floral aroma
the sweetness bridges into the taste combined with a soft mo
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oolongtea: 2020 Spring belong: aroma located: fenghuang chaozhou china
2020 Spring tea Ba Xian Sha Ren
Its light orchid aroma 

Wudong, Chaozhou, Guangdong province  Harvest time: 2020 spring 
Picking standard: Two or three half-matured tea leaves 
Dried tea color: Bloom dark brown color 
Shape: Fat, lightly twisted shape tea leaves 
Aroma: Natural and fresh unique light orchid aroma  Taste: 
Freshness, mellow, thickness, unique flower taste 
Tea soup color: 
Bright golden yellow
Dried Leaf 

Tea liquor and Infused Leaf


sensory evaluation
The liquor is in bright yellow color. A strong infusion will appear in clear orange. The honey orchid floral aroma lingering in mouth, refreshing, smooth and sweet.
Tea Mountian View

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sha ren is from the  fenghuang mountain around 400 meters above sea level 

Tea variety: more than 60 years old

Original: fenghuang moutain Chaozhou, Guangdong province 
Tea master : Song Lin 
Harvest time: 2019 spring 
Picking standard: Two or three half-matured tea leaves  
Dried tea color: Bloom dark brown color  
Shape: Tight, lightly-twisted stick shape  
Aroma: Natural, fresh nutty aroma, with unique honey & floral fragrance  
Taste: Mellow taste, with long-lasting sweetness  
Tea soup color:Bright yellow


Brewing vessel: Gaiwan (120-150cc capacity) or Yixing tea pot (120-150cc capacity)

Water: Purified or mineral water is the best.

Brewing water temperature: Over 95°C or 203°F.


Used tea amount: Gaiwan or Yixing pot :5-8grams per Gong Fu Cha; (based on personal taste)

Brewing Steps:

1) Warm up- First to warm up the vessels, then to pour out the hot water;

2) Smell dried tea fragrance- Then put the teas in Gaiwan/Yixing Pot, cover the lid, and shake the Gaiwan/pot gently for about 3 seconds, then smell the dried leaves aroma.

3) Wash the tea quickly- Pour the hot water into the Gaiwan/pot and pour out the water quickly; then smell the tea aroma on the lid first to enjoy the pleasing Oolong tea aroma; 

4) First infusion- pour the hot water into the Gaiwan/pot again, and steep for about 3-5 seconds before pouring out(based on personal taste);

5) Coming infusions- the steeping time for the successive infusion can be 3-5 seconds longer than the previous infusion.

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