The southern song dynasty period 
song of no.1 to today , more than 600 years old 

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2019 Spring Oolong Tea Heavy Feng Huang White Ye

Very soft very pleasant ,it is smooth and clear the smell before brewing is sweet and smokey after brewed it smells floral and sweet the after taste is honey like and i can taste it in my throat
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Dried Tea

Tea Liquor

Infused Leaf 

Sensory evaluation 

Once brewed, this tea will deliver a slightly roasted flavour combined with a floral aroma and the distinctive sweet honey after taste. 

Milanxiang grow in fenghuang (phoenix) town ,chaozhou city guangdong , china .local in the top of the guangdong china ,
foggy all year , hundreds of miles without pollution ,The most suitable natural growth of plants

Our tea mountain View 

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white ye
White ye is from the  fenghuang mountain around 1000 meters above sea level 
Very soft very pleasant ,it is smooth and clear 
the smell before brewing is sweet and smokey 
after brewed it smells floral and sweet
the after taste is honey like and i can taste it in my throat 
Tea variety: more than 80 years old

fenghuang moutain,Chaozhou, Guangdong province  
Tea master : Song Lin 
Harvest time: 2019 spring 
Picking standard: Two or three half-matured tea leaves  
Dried tea color: Bloom dark brown color  
Shape: Tight, lightly-twisted stick shape  
Aroma: Natural, fresh nutty aroma, with unique honey & floral fragrance  
Taste: Mellow taste, with long-lasting sweetness  
Tea soup color:Bright golden yellow


We suggest to brew gongfu style to gain the best out of the tea. 

-Use 3-5g per 100mL.

-Use boiling water (100C) for the rinse and first infusion.

-Use under boiling (95C) for the next 3 infusions.

-Use 90C when the leaves have opened up entirely. 



A thin porcelain gaiwan or a zhuni clay pot is your best bet. The thinner teawares retain the fragrance well; zhuni clay is a thinner type of clay. 

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